What to Put on Floating Shelves in Kitchen?

What to Put on Floating Shelves in Kitchen?

Organizing shelves in your kitchen can be simple and enjoyable. Here are 10 items you can place on it to organize items. Just scroll down to see what suits you! We have everything you need, from useful items like pots and pans to stylish items like decorations. Combining the two improves the look of your kitchen and improves item lookup. Do you want to add something unique? Not a problem! You are free to display whatever you choose, even family photos. For inspiration on how to make your kitchen shelves both functional and attractive, see the list below. It’s an easy way to put items in order and add some flair to your kitchen. So take a look around, scroll down, and get inspired.

10 Decor Items for Floating Shelves

  • Fake Plants
  • Glass Food Storage Jars
  • Cookbook with 650 Recipes
  • Storage Baskets for Shelves
  • Kitchen Utensils Holder
  • Small Birds Statues
  • Colorful Cooking Utensils Set
  • Artificial String of Pearls Plant
  • Flower Vases
  • White Decorative Books

1. Fake Plants

Arrange these four fake plants on the shelves in your kitchen. They don’t need actual sunlight, much like their small green pals. The fake plants are lovely and green. They come in white pots that like small houses for your shelves. Perfect to create a beautiful and modern look in your bathroom or kitchen. They always stay green; there is no need to water them. If you want to give your kitchen a farmhouse feel, these fake plants are great. So, these little artificial plants are good if you want the feel of nature without all the work. Just put them on your shelves and enjoy the simple beauty.

Key Specs

Material Plastic
ColorLuminous Green*3 & Grey Green*1
Special FeatureEco-Friendly

2. Glass Food Storage Jars

Invest in six of these glass jars for your kitchen’s shelves. They are glass spaces for the food you eat. Because the jars are open, it is easy to see what is inside. To keep everything fresh, each jar has a bamboo lid that looks a small hat. Useful for organizing flour, tea, coffee, or even cookies. They keep your food fresh and safe like magical containers. The square shape of these jars offers them a stylish, modern look. So these glass jars with bamboo covers are exactly what you need if you want a clean and organized kitchen. Put them on your shelves to maintain your foods looking nice.

Key Specs

Capacity2.3 Pounds
Finish TypeGlass

3. Cookbook with 650 Recipes

Put your special “Cooking for Two” cookbook on the floating shelves in your kitchen. There are 650 recipes in this great book for whatever you could possibly desire to cook. It’s like to having a cooking gold store of recipe ideas! The book is a part of the ATK Cookbook Series and makes an ideal gift. Putting it on your shelves improves the cooking magic of your kitchen while making it simple to locate delicious recipes. Thus, all you need to do is reach for the book from your floating shelf whenever you are want something tasty and get cooking.

Key Specs

Hardcover448 Pages
Item Weight3.39 Pounds

4. Storage Baskets for Shelves

Get these two brown baskets for the shelves in your kitchen. They serve as little organizers related to suitcases. Made from material, they are robust and water-resistant friends. Ideal for storing items neatly in your kitchen, on a shelf under the sink. It’s a basic but useful rectangle-shaped design. Granny says these work well in the laundry room or on the toilet shelf. You have two helpful friends to help you keep things organized when you get this 2-pack. So, these baskets are the way to go if you need to organize your kitchen and make Granny happy.

Key Specs

StyleRectangular Wicker Baskets

5. Kitchen Utensils Holder

Set this large white utensil holder on your kitchen’s cabinets. It is for organizing your cooking utensils, not for eating. It is a ceramic container for your cooking items, much like a vase. The holder is large enough to fit multiple utensils, measuring 7.2 inches tall by 6.2 inches wide. A small blanket-like cork mat is included with it. The mat maintains order and coziness. Recall that you will need to add your own utensils; those in the photo are not supplied. It is an easy method to give your kitchen a clean, clear look. So, this holder is ideal if you need somewhere to put your cooking tools.

Key Specs

Finish TypeWhite
Item Weight3.78 Pounds

6. Small Birds Statues

Put the two little bird statues on your kitchen’s shelves. Like their beautiful golden buddies, they provide a high-quality look. Despite their stylish as well look, the birds are fake. Excellent for using in your living area, bedroom, or workplace desk. They are really small, almost pocket-sized. These gold decorations offer everything an attractive look similar to gold for your shelves. You don’t have to worry about that because there is always stuff to enjoy and clean to do. These little bird toys are a great option if you want to give your kitchen a touch modern style! Just put them and enjoy the luxurious feel of gold.

Key Specs

StyleMedium & Large Pair Birds

7. Colorful Cooking Utensils Set

Get this large set of colorful cooking tools to fit your floating shelves. It is similar to a kitchen golden find! There are 24 items in this set, including spatulas and spoons. They won’t stick to your meal because they are made of silicone, which is similar to flexible rubber. the handles are a bright stainless steel. When you’re cooking up a storm, don’t worryᅳthese gadgets can withstand high temperatures. What a great gift! Never forget that these tools are the stars and the floating shelves are the theater. Prepare your kitchen for a colorful and interesting cooking display.

Key Specs

MaterialStainless Steel, Silicone
Handle MaterialStainless Steel
Is Dishwasher SafeNo

8. Artificial String of Pearls Plant

Put these two fake plants on the shelves in your kitchen. They are free of water, much like their green the two sides. If these appear real, the plants on your shelves are actually artificial. They arrive in little, black pots that like houses. They are always happy, so you don’t have to worry about sunshine or forgetting to water them. These plants are great for giving life and energy to your kitchen without needs much work. So these artificial plants are the best option if you want the feel of nature without all the work! Just put them on your shelves and enjoy the benefits of green.

Key Specs

Base Diameter2.6 Inches
Item Weight6.4 Ounces

9. Flower Vases

Put these two white vases on the shelves in your kitchen. They look good on their own and are like lovely flower homes. The modern-styled vases are made of ceramic, which looks smooth clay. They seem solid just not really weighty. Its round form, like a ball with a thin focus. provides a modern vibe. These vases are ideal for a modern but simple design. They give your kitchen a little something extra, whether you fill it with flowers or leave them empty. So, these vases are the way to go if you want to add modern design to your shelves.

Key Specs

Special FeatureDurable

10. White Decorative Books

Get these small white books for the floating shelves in your kitchen. They are just cute-looking books, nothing more! Ideal for the decor of your farmhouse table or tiered tray. They add a lovely touch to your shelves, much like small decorations. They make an excellent gift to your kitchen, even if you don’t read them. Place them on a shelf or coffee table for an attractive and simple piece of décor. The goal of these fake books is to easily make a lovely impression in your kitchen. So go ahead and arrange them on your shelves and take joy in the rustic, but easy, feel they provide to your kitchen.

Key Specs

ThemeHome Decor

In the End

Organizing your kitchen’s floating shelves has not to be hard. A useful  space can be developed by carefully putting everyday items, using decorative styles, and making bright colors. To find what works best for your kitchen, try with different designs and don’t forget to keep things simple and clear regularly. You can make your floating shelves into a beautiful and well-organized kitchen place put by using these simple ideas.

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