10 Cooking Books to Help You Cook Like a Chef

10 Cooking Books to Help You Cook Like a Chef

I want to share some cooking books that really helped me become a better cook. These books are like my kitchen family, and I go to them a lot. First, there’s a book called Natasha’s Kitchen Cookbook – it’s got everything, seriously. Then, ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ taught me the basics in an easy way. ‘How to Cook Everything’ is like a cooking encyclopedia. Wanda E. Brunstetter’s help me make tasty dishes.   Taste of Home 201 Recipes has simple recipes I love. There are 10 best cook books to help you cook like a chef, Scroll down to check them out and cook like a chef.

10 Best Cooking Books

  • Taste of Home 201 Recipes
  • Natasha,s Kitchen
  • Cookbook for Two
  • Baking Yesteryear
  • All-American Cookbook
  • What Can I Bring?
  • Knife Drop
  • Most Requested Recipes
  • Complete Mediterranean Cookbook
  • Wanda E. Brunstetter,s

    1. Taste of Home 201 Recipes

    This great cookbook with timeless recipes for every palate is Taste of Home 201 Recipes You will Make Forever. With more than 200 tasty recipes, it is like having a kitchen partner you will want to cook with all over your life. This book is designed for daily cooks like you, so you don’t have to be an expert chef! The recipes are tasty and easy, making them great for today’s home cooks. With simple directions and photos, cooking meals your family will like will become second nature to you. This book is a treasure of tasty recipes that improve daily cooking. Enjoy the Taste of Home Classics, the ultimate source for tasty and easy dishes.

    Key Specs

    Paperback320 pages
    Language English
    Weight 1.8 Pounds
    Dimensions8.06 x 0.6 x 9 inches

    2. Natasha,s Kitchen

    This Kitchen Cookbook by Natasha is fantastic! It has more than 100 really easy dishes that your family will enjoy. This cookbook is a real gold source of tasty ideas. These recipes are so amazing that you will want to make it again and again. It is like having a food mentor who helps you to make tasty dishes with Natasha’s Cookbook. There are lots of photographs and the directions are simple to follow. Anyone can do it; you don’t have to be an expert cook! Enjoy cooking with your family and treat them to a nice surprise dinner. Ready to turn your kitchen into a happy place with Natasha’s Cookbook.

    Key Specs

    PublisherClarkson Potter
    Hardcover288 pages
    Item Weight2.65 pounds

    3. Cookbook for Two

    With 650 easy recipes, The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook, Gift Version is a special book. It’s great for anyone who wants to make tasty dinners for two. The Complete ATK Cookbook Series, which features easy-to-make but tasty recipes, includes this book. There are recipes for whatever you might want to prepare inside. This cookbook is useful whether you are a beginner or an expert chef. This is an amazing present for friends and family because it is the gift edition. Cooking for two becomes fun to do when the steps are easy and include lots of photos. Cook like a chef with this cookbook.

    Key Specs

    PublisherAmerica’s Test Kitchen; Illustrated edition
    Hardcover488 pages
    Item Weight3.39 Pounds

    4. Baking Yesteryear

    A special cookbook featuring the best recipes from the past, going from the 1900s to the 1980s, is called Baking Yesteryear. There are tasty sweets that were popular a long time ago. The recipes are simple and inspire childhood memories. This cookbook is for everyone, so baking skill is not required. You can make tasty sweets the way they were made in the past with easy to follow rules and images to help you. Enjoy the age-old flavors of Baking Yesteryear and bring a little piece of history into your kitchen—baking at its most enjoyable.

    Key Specs

    Hard Cover266 pages
    Item Weight2.86 Pounds

    5. All-American Cookbook

    Taste of Home All-American Cookbook offers 370 recipes to enjoy the tastes of the United States, making it is a great kitchen partner. You don’t have to be an expert chef to read this book; everyone can do it. Taking in the best of American food is made easy and fun with these simple and tasty recipes. Cooking becomes easy when there are lots of images and simple directions. This cookbook is a mine of tasty ideas, from respected favorites to fresh finds. Taste of Home Classics are a simple and tasty way to bring the flavors of the USA to your table.

    Key Specs

    PublisherTrusted Media Brands
    Hard Cover320 pages
    Item Weight2.45 Pounds

    6. What Can I Bring?

    An best cookbook with over 360 recipes for events, picnics, and dinners is Taste of Home What Can I Bring? It is similar to putting a friend help you in bringing the best meals to every event. With this book, you don’t need to fret about what to cook! The recipes are really simple, making them great for foodies of all kinds. You will be the one in charge with the most ideas and clear guidance. This cookbook is a great source for everything from small picnics to large celebrations. Thanks to Taste of Home, you can wow your friends with tasty dishes that make every occasion enjoyable and tasty.

    Key Specs

    PublisherTrusted Media Brands
    Paperback 320 Pages
    Item Weight2.05 Pounds

    7. Knife Drop

    Knife Drop is useful book with simple dishes that everyone can make. Tasty dishes do not need a chef to prepare. The focus of this book is food ideas. It is a fun ride with your kitchen knife. There are easy dishes in there that anyone can try. For beginners who wish to learn and have fun, this book is great. It is like having a friend in the kitchen with these full details and pictures. Serve tasty foods as a surprise to both you and your friends. Cooking becomes fun and easy with Knife Drop. Take out your knife and let’s start this tasty journey together.

    Key Specs

    Hard Cover256 Pages
    Item Weight2.89 Pounds

    8. Most Requested Recipes

    A best cookbook with 633 highly rated recipes that users love is Taste of Home Most Requested Recipes. Everyone will enjoy this book; you don’t have to be a great chef. The recipes are so simple and are sure to satisfy what you like. You can become an expert chef quickly with the help of complete guidance and images. It is part of Taste of Home Classics, which is known for reducing and improving cooking. With the help of this great guide, find the most popular recipes and enjoy tasty dinners.

    Key Specs

    PublisherTrusted Media Brands Illustrated Edition
    Hard Cover448 Pages
    Item Weight3.43 Pounds

    9. Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

    With 500 easy recipes, The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook is a great guide for eating well.  This book is for everyone, no matter their ability to cook. The recipes are simple but filled with Mediterranean flavors. Cooking is made simple and fun with simple steps and photos. This cookbook has anything from salads to major dishes. It is part of Complete ATK Cookbook Series, which is known for its ability to simplify and improve cooking. With The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, you may have colorful and tasty meals every day.

    Key Specs

    PublisherAmerica’s Test Kitchen
    Paperback440 Pages
    Item Weight2.78 Pounds

    10. Wanda E. Brunstetter,s

    More than 200 easy recipes can be found in Wanda E. Brunstetter’s Amish Friends Farmhouse Favorites Cookbook, a great book. The recipes are easy to follow and offer tasty full dinners. This cookbook offers stories and tips to make cooking enjoyable in along with recipes. To use it, you don’t have to be an expert chef. You may prepare tasty meals for your family and friends with easy-to-follow directions and interesting stories. With Wanda’s Amish Friends Farmhouse Favorites, you may prepare easy and great meals; it is a helpful guide to amazing food.

    Key Specs

    PublisherShiloh Run Press
    Hard Cover224 Pages
    Item Weight1.3 Pounds
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