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Door Draft Stopper – Adjustable Door Sweeps


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  • We’d like to introduce you to our ground-breaking Door Draft Stopper – Adjustable Door Sweeps, the ideal way to maintain a snug, comfortable, and energy-efficient house all year long.
  • Are you sick of noticing those pesky drafts that seep through the cracks under your doors and let cold air in during the winter and hot air out during the sweltering summer? Look nowhere else! In order to effectively block up those annoying gaps and provide a barrier against unwelcome exterior elements, we created the Door Draft Stopper.


  1. Measure the width of your door before buying an adjustable door draft stopper to make sure you obtain the right size. The majority of door sweeps can be cut to fit, but it’s essential to have a solid foundation.
  2. Pick the appropriate type: Door draft stoppers come in a variety of designs, including those with screws, slide-on sweeps, and adhesive strips. Select the kind based on your preferences for installation and door.
  3. Examine and clean the area: Prior to installing the door sweep, check to see that the bottom of your door is clear of debris. When you attach the draft stopper, a suitable seal will be ensured as a result.
  4. The sweep length can be adjusted; many door draft stoppers have changeable lengths. Slide the sweep or prolong it to match the width of your door, ensuring a snug fit.
  5. Fill in any gaps: Use weatherstripping or caulk to fill in any spaces between the door sweep and the door frame. It’s essential to have a good seal if you want to keep drafts out of your house.
  6. After installation, open and shut the door to make sure the sweep isn’t getting in the way of smooth functioning. The sweep should move across the floor with no resistance or friction.
  7. Replace worn-out sweeps: Door sweeps can deteriorate or lose their effectiveness over time. Regularly inspect your door sweeps and replace them if they show signs of wear or no longer offer a reliable seal.
  8. Select the appropriate material: Door draft stoppers are available in a variety of materials, including rubber, foam, and bristled brushes. Think about the type of draft.


  • Our Adjustable Door Sweeps are manufactured from premium materials and are expertly crafted, guaranteeing lifespan and durability. You may have confidence in your investment because of the durable structure, which enables years of dependable performance.
  • Our Door Draft Stopper’s special adjustable feature is its best feature. Our product offers adjustable alternatives to precisely fit your door width, unlike conventional draft stoppers that provide a one-size-fits-all solution. The Door Sweep can be simply adjusted to fit any door size, making it appropriate for a variety of entrances in your house, from front entryways to inner doors.
  • Our Door Draft Stopper’s flawless sealing properties are what make it so effective. Its unique construction includes a grid of closely woven bristles that serve as a barrier to keep out cold air, dust, insects, and noise from entering your home. Say good-bye to chilly drafts and hello to a calmer, more energy-efficient setting.
  • In addition to its superb functioning, our Door Draft Stopper has a beautiful appearance that complements any interior design. Its svelte and understated design guarantees that the appearance of your doors as a whole is not compromised. Our Door Sweeps seamlessly accentuate your current design components, whether your home has a modern, contemporary, or historic style.
  • Our adjustable door sweeps are simple to install. There is no need for specific equipment or technical knowledge. You can easily connect the Door Draft Stopper to the bottom of your door using the accompanying adhesive or screws, depending on your desire, after measuring the width of your door and adjusting the Door Draft Stopper to the proper length. It’s a simple technique that gives you the advantages of a draft-free house right away.
  • Purchasing our Door Draft Stopper is a wise investment for both your comfort and your energy costs. Your heating and cooling expenditures will be significantly reduced if drafts are effectively sealed off. You’ll be astounded at how fast our product pays for itself while increasing the general effectiveness of your home.



Door Draft Stopper 37”, Weighted Under Door Noise Air Blocker, Heavy Duty Sound Proof Draft Guard Door Gap Blocker with Hook Tape for Doors and Windows, 2.3lbs (Grey)

as of February 3, 2024 2:43 pm

🔵 The door draft stopper is 37 inches long and 2.3 pounds in weight, offering ample coverage and durability.
🔵 Heavy-duty design: Constructed from sturdy materials to efficiently stop drafts, dampen noise, and stop warm or cool air from leaking through cracks under doors and windows.
🔵 Soundproofing qualities: Contributes to making indoor spaces quieter and more serene by reducing outside noise.
🔵 Weighted construction: The draft stopper has weights inside to improve its ability to close gaps and maintain its position.

Draft Door Stopper 36 Inches, Draft Guard for Interior Door, Heavy Duty Door Sweep, Sound Proof Reduce Noise Keeping Warm in and Cold Out, Thicker Door Draft

Rs. 2,832
as of February 3, 2024 2:43 pm

🔵 Length: At 36 inches long, the draft door stopper offers substantial coverage for the majority of ordinary doors.
🔵 Durable materials used in the heavy-duty structure to efficiently stop drafts, dampen noise, and maintain indoor temperatures.
🔵 Greater insulation and draft-blocking capabilities are provided by the door draft stopper's thicker design compared to normal variants.
🔵 Compatibility with interior doors: Specifically created for use on interior doors, assuring a tight fit to stop drafts.

Door Draft Stopper 37.7inch Door Weather Stripping Double Sided Blocks Noise and Wind Adjustable Under Door Draft Blocker

Rs. 1,899
as of February 3, 2024 2:43 pm

🔵 Length: The door draft stopper is 37.7 inches long, offering ample coverage to properly close gaps under the majority of ordinary doors.
🔵 Weather stripping is present on both sides of the draft stopper, providing improved insulation and draft-blocking properties.
🔵 Noise reduction: Assists in reducing outside noise, making the interior environment calmer and more serene.
🔵 Wind resistance: Effectively prevents wind and cold drafts from entering the room, assisting in keeping the temperature there comfortable.

Door Draft Stopper Weather Stripping Window Breeze Blocker Adjustable Door Sweeps 34inch Grey

as of February 3, 2024 2:43 pm

🔵 Dimensions: At 34 inches long, the door draft stopper offers adequate protection for typical doors and windows.
🔵 The door sweeps' adjustable design ensures a tight and reliable seal by letting you adjust the length of the sweeps to meet different door and window measurements.
🔵 Weather stripping: Contains weather stripping material to prevent the entry of drafts, cold air, and wind, improving insulation and temperature regulation.
🔵 Draft stopper for windows: In addition to doors, windows can also be utilized to stop drafts and ensure internal comfort.

Door Draft Stopper – Adjustable Door Sweeps
Door Draft Stopper – Adjustable Door Sweeps


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