- 13% HBTower 3 Step Ladder, Folding Step Stool with Wide Anti-Slip Pedal, 500 lbs Sturdy Steel Ladder, Convenient Handgrip, Lightweight, Portable Steel Step Stool, Green and Black

Folding Step Stool | Portable Steel Step Stool


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  • Introducing our Folding Step Stool, the adaptable and reliable answer for opening cabinets, reaching high shelves, or doing numerous activities around your house or place of business. This transportable steel step stool, which was made with convenience and durability in mind, offers a sturdy and small design that will make your daily tasks simpler and more effective.
  • This step stool is made of premium steel and can support up to [weight capacity] of weight. It is designed to last a lifetime. The sturdy steel frame guarantees stability and sturdiness, providing you the assurance to step up and easily reach higher locations.


  1. Before using the folding step stool, make sure it can sustain your weight by checking the weight capacity. The weight limitations on the majority of step stools are prominently displayed, so always abide by them to prevent mishaps.
  2. Check for damage: Consistently look for any indications of rust, wear and tear, or damage on the step stool. Do not use it until it has been fixed or replaced if you discover any problems.
  3. Use on a level surface: To guarantee stability and avoid tipping, always position the step stool on a level, flat surface. On uneven or slippery flooring, avoid using it.
  4. When unfolding the step stool, make sure the folding mechanism is locked securely in place. As a result, unintentional collapses while in use are avoided.
  5. Maintain good footing: When climbing or standing on the step stool, place your feet firmly on the platform. Maintaining balance at all times and avoiding excessive sideways leaning.
  6. Refrain from stretching too far while using the step stool because its purpose is to provide you a slight boost. Reposition the step stool if you are having trouble comfortable reaching your aim. Do not lean too far.
  7. If a handrail is provided, use it. Some step stools have handles or handrails for increased support. Make sure to use the extra support if your stool has one.
  8. Properly store the step stool by folding it up and keeping it in a secure location when not in use. Keep it out of the hands of children to avoid mishaps.
  9. Maintain cleanliness: Wipe off the step stool frequently to get rid of any dust, grime, or spills that can make the surface slippery.


  • This step stool’s foldable design makes it simple to store and transport. It folds flat for convenient storage in small places, closets, or even under furniture thanks to its straightforward and small design. You can transport it everywhere you go, even on camping trips, RV excursions, or in any other circumstance where a further advancement is required.
  • The step stool offers firm footing and has a non-slip surface, lowering the possibility of slips and mishaps. Even while using the stool on smooth or slick surfaces, stability is ensured by the additional grip provided by the textured surface. You may confidently handle a variety of jobs with the help of this sturdy step stool, including reaching for items on high shelves, changing lightbulbs, cleaning, and organizing your area.
  • This folding step stool was made to be versatile and is appropriate for both adults and kids. It can be applied in a variety of places, including kitchens, garages, workplaces, lecture halls, and more. This step stool is a useful addition to any home or business, enabling children use the sink or allowing adults to access higher places.
  • The foldable step stool’s lightweight and compact form do not reduce its ability to support weight. It offers a solid and safe platform to stand on and can support people of different sizes. Further enhancing stability and avoiding any sliding or movement while in use are the rubber grips on the feet.
  • With our Folding Step Stool, you can improve your accessibility and convenience. Embrace the effectiveness and simplicity of this dependable step stool and bid farewell to stooping and stretching to reach high areas. This foldable steel step stool is a useful addition to your home or place of business, whether it is used frequently or only occasionally.
  • Invest in our Folding Step Stool and enjoy the convenience of quickly reaching higher places. This step stool will become your go-to tool for achieving new heights in comfort and convenience because it is made to be strong, portable, and stable.



3 Step Ladder with Handrails 500 lb Capacity Step Stool Folding Ladders for Home Kitchen Steel Frame with Safety Side Handrails Non-Slip Wide Pedal Stepladder with Attachable Tool Bag

as of April 28, 2024 9:33 am

🔵 The step ladder is designed to support 500 pounds of weight, offering stability and safety to a variety of users.
🔵 The safety side handrails of the ladder provide additional stability and support as you ascend or descend.
🔵 Folding form: Its folding form makes it simple to store when not in use and saves space, making it useful for usage in the house or kitchen.
🔵 Steel structure: The ladder's strong steel structure guarantees lifespan and durability, resulting in a durable and dependable product.

Black Diamond Ladder 4 Step Heavy Folding Step Ladder with Wide Step 4.1 FT Ladder Made in India

Rs. 9,000
Rs. 2,326
as of April 28, 2024 9:33 am

🔵 Strong Construction: The Black Diamond 4 Step Heavy Folding Step Ladder is made of premium materials to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting construction for safe use.
🔵 4-Step Design: The ladder's four wide steps make for a comfortable and stable platform for gaining access to higher places.
🔵 The ladder's folding mechanism makes it simple to fold it up for small-space storage when not in use.
🔵 Height: With a height of 4.1 feet, the ladder is suitable for a variety of jobs at home or at business.

Foldable 3 Step Ladder for Home and Office Use | Alloy Steel | Wide Steps | Wobble-Free | Skid-Free Steps | Durable Safety Ladder | Rust Free | 4 Feet (Orange)

Rs. 3,699
Rs. 2,229
as of April 28, 2024 9:33 am

🔵 Foldable Design: The 3 Step Ladder's foldable design makes it easy to store and save room when not in use.
🔵 Home and Office Use: The ladder is adaptable and appropriate for both domestic and professional tasks.
🔵 Construction with Alloy Steel: The ladder's alloy steel construction ensures its sturdiness and endurance for long-lasting performance.
🔵 Wide Steps: The wide steps of the ladder offer a safe and comfortable platform, improving stability while climbing or descending.

3 Step Ladder, Folding Step Stool with Wide Anti-Slip Pedal, 500 lbs Sturdy Steel Ladder, Convenient Handgrip, Lightweight, Portable Steel Step Stool, Green and Black

as of April 28, 2024 9:33 am

🔵 A convenient and secure way to access elevated regions is made possible by the ladder's three steps.
🔵 Folding Step Stool: The ladder may be conveniently folded, making it portable and easy to store.
🔵 Wide Anti-Slip Pedal: To ensure solid stepping and prevent accidents, the stairs are wide and have anti-slip surfaces.
🔵 With a weight capability of 500 lbs. and a solid steel construction, the ladder offers stability and longevity.

Folding Step Stool | Portable Steel Step Stool
Folding Step Stool | Portable Steel Step Stool


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