- 21% 32 Pcs Chair Leg Protectors for Hardwood Floors, Silicone Felt Furniture Leg Cover Pad for Protecting Floors from Scratches and Noise, Smooth Moving for Chair Feet

Chair Leg Protectors for Hardwood Floors


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  • We are pleased to introduce our Chair Leg Protectors for Hardwood Floors, the ideal defense against scratches, scuffs, and damage brought on by chair movement. Our chair leg guards are made with premium materials and cutting-edge technology to provide better protection while enhancing the look of your furniture.
  • Our Chair Leg Protectors are constructed from premium silicone or felt materials and are expertly crafted to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. These materials’ suppleness and adaptability create a cushioned barrier between your chair’s legs and the delicate hardwood flooring, thereby avoiding dents, scratches, and unattractive markings. Now that your valuable flooring investment has been protected, moving your chairs around is simple.


  1. Felt pads or furniture glides: Due to their softness and ease of movement on hardwood floors, felt pads are a popular option for chair leg guards. Gliders for furniture are more robust and capable of supporting heavier furniture. Choose based on your needs since both solutions are viable choices.
  2. Make sure the chair leg guards are the proper size and form for the legs of your furniture. In order to offer sufficient protection, they should be well-fitting and completely encircle the leg’s bottom.
  3. Before attaching the guards, make sure the chair legs are clean and free of dust and dirt. Also, make sure the floor is clean. To guarantee a solid adhesion, you should also clean the floor where the protectors will be placed.
  4. Chair leg guards come in two styles: self-adhesive and slip-on.
  5. Regular Inspection: Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear on the protectors. To keep your hardwood floors in the best possible protection, replace them as needed.
  6. High-Traffic Areas: If there are particular places in your home where chairs are frequently moved (such as dining rooms), you might want to use more robust protectors or rotate the chairs more frequently to even out wear.
  7. Use floor mats or rugs: In places with heavy foot traffic, placing a floor mat or rug under chairs can add an extra layer of protection for your hardwood floors.
  8. If your chairs have caster wheels, check to see if they are appropriate for hardwood floors. Look for wheels made of soft rubber or polyurethane that are ideal for wood flooring.


  • We took great care in designing our chair leg guards to accommodate a variety of chair leg sizes and shapes. You may choose the ideal fit for your seats from a range of alternatives, including round, square, and rectangular designs. The protectors won’t slip or fall off during regular use thanks to the stretchable and elasticized design’s tight fit on each leg.
  • Our chair leg protectors not only provide excellent floor protection but also noise reduction advantages. Silence and tranquility are improved by the silicone or felt materials’ ability to effectively absorb vibrations and muffle noise brought on by chair movement. Get rid of the bothersome scraping noises that can spook your family or disturb the peace in your house.
  • Our chair leg protectors are easy to install and don’t require any special tools or detailed instructions. Simply affix them to the chair legs, and they will remain in place and continue to offer security. The covert design guarantees that the protectors blend in with your furniture without standing out, maintaining the aesthetics of your chairs without sacrificing usefulness.
  • We don’t just use our chair leg protectors on hardwood flooring. In addition, they are appropriate for other fragile flooring materials like laminate, tile, vinyl, and others. You can rely on our protectors to preserve your flooring in perfect condition and free of scratches produced by chair movement, regardless of the type of flooring you have.you can trust our protectors to keep them looking flawless and free from scratches caused by chair movement.
  • Invest in our Hardwood Floor Chair Leg Protectors and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your floors are protected. Keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful and sound while taking advantage of the ease of easy chair mobility. Upgrade your furniture with our fashionable and useful protectors today, and take pleasure in a posh yet floor-friendly living space.



16 PCS Chair Leg Floor Protectors with Felt Pads X-Protector - 1.2" - 2" - Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors - Clear Chair Pads - Floor Protectors for Chairs - Brown Chair Leg Covers - Protect Floors

as of April 28, 2024 9:02 am

🔵 Complete Set: Contains 16 chair leg floor protectors, enough to cover several chairs or pieces of furniture.
🔵 Felt Pads: These shoes have felt pads on the bottom to protect the hardwood, tile, or laminate floor from dents and scratches.
🔵 Easy Installation: Quick and hassle-free installation on chair or furniture legs thanks to a straightforward slip-on design.
🔵 Ensures a stable and secure attachment to prevent slipping or falling off. Secure Fit: Snugly fits chair legs.

4 PCS Silicone Chair Stool Leg Floor Protectors Covers Caps for Hardwood Floors Non Slip Furniture Pads Felt Bottom Transprant Silicone, Free Moving Table Leg Covers (Without Pad)

Rs. 499
Rs. 199
as of April 28, 2024 9:02 am

🔵 Set of 4: Includes 4 silicone chair and stool leg floor guards, covering up to 4 chairs or stools.
🔵 Long-lasting protection for your flooring is provided by the silicone material, which is strong and flexible.
🔵 Transparent Design: The transparent silicone coverings preserve a neat and unobtrusive appearance while blending with different furniture types.
🔵 Felt Bottom: These shoes have felt pads on the bottom to protect delicate surfaces like hardwood floors from scratches and dents.

Square Felt Pads Non Skid Floor Protector Furniture Sofa Furniture Chair Balance Pad Noise Insulation Pad Floor Bumper Color: Black(16 pcs)

Rs. 799
Rs. 149
as of April 28, 2024 9:02 am

🔵 16-piece set: This set includes 16 square felt pads, offering enough protection for several pieces of furniture.
🔵 Made of soft, thick felt material, which effectively protects floors from dents and damage brought on by furniture legs.
🔵 Furniture won't slide or move on smooth surfaces thanks to the felt pads' non-skid design.
🔵 Floor Protection: Acts as a cushion between furniture legs and the floor, decreasing noise and guarding against wear on the surfaces of the floor and the furniture.

32 Pcs Chair Leg Protectors for Hardwood Floors, Silicone Felt Furniture Leg Cover Pad for Protecting Floors from Scratches and Noise, Smooth Moving for Chair Feet

as of April 28, 2024 9:02 am

🔵 32-piece chair leg protector set that offers complete protection for numerous chairs or pieces of furniture.
🔵 Dual Protection: Made from a combination of silicone and felt materials, this product effectively protects hardwood floors from scuffs and noise.
🔵 Silicone Outer Layer: On smooth floors, the silicone layer's non-slip grip keeps furniture from slipping or shifting.
🔵 inside Layer of Felt: The inside layer of felt provides a smooth and soft surface, minimizing noise and friction when moving chairs or other furniture.

Chair Leg Protectors for Hardwood Floors
Chair Leg Protectors for Hardwood Floors


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