Set of Two Gripper Clips for Moving Hot Plate or Bowls with Food Out, from Pressured Cooker, Microwave, Oven, Air Fryer.

Two Gripper Clips | Moving Hot Plate


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  • Introducing our Two Gripper Clips, the best way to move hot plates and dishes safely without running the danger of burns or mishaps. They are an essential addition to any kitchen or dining area because of the secure grasp and maximum control that these cutting-edge gadgets are made to offer when handling hot cookware.
  • Our Gripper Clips are made of high-quality materials and designed to withstand extreme heat and wear. Because of the durable and dependable structure, you can securely lift and move serving utensils, hot plates, and other heavy objects with ease.


  1. Make sure the gripper clips are suitable for the precise temperature range of the hot plate or cookware you’re handling before using them. The majority of gripper clips are heat-resistant, but it’s best to confirm their highest temperature range.
  2. Place the Clips Appropriately: Attach one gripper clip to each side of the plate, making sure they are firmly fastened to the rim. For balanced lifting, the clips need to be placed across from one another.
  3. Grip Firmly: Firmly grasp the gripper clips to provide a tight grip on the plate. By doing this, you’ll stop the plate from slipping or dropping as you move it.
  4. Keep a Stable hold: While carrying the hot plate, keep your hold stable and avoid jerky movements. stroll mindfully and slowly and be mindful of any obstacles in your path.
  5. Use Two Hands: Use both hands to grasp the gripper clips if the plate is exceptionally large or weighty. As a result, control and stability will be improved.
  6. Avoid Overloading: Take care not to place too many heavy or hot items on the hot plate. Make that the load is balanced and that the gripper clips can hold it.
  7. When using the gripper clips, keep your hands away from the hot surface of the plate or other cooking utensil. Although the gripper clips will protect your hands from the heat, it’s still advised to keep your distance.
  8. Once you’ve transferred the hot plate to its new location, test its stability by gently setting it down and releasing the gripper clips. Check that the plate is secure.


  • Our Gripper Clips have a special design with a set of dual clamps that tightly hold onto the edges of plates or dishes. A firm hold is ensured by the robust spring-loaded system, avoiding slippage or unintentional falling. You can confidently and worry-free carry hot plates from the stovetop to the countertop or from the oven to the table with the help of the Gripper Clips.
  • Your hands are well-insulated and protected by the heat-resistant silicone padding on the clamps. You may safely grasp and control hot plates without worrying about getting burned or feeling uncomfortable since it efficiently insulates your fingers and palms from the heat. You have perfect control over your movements thanks to the non-slip silicone, which provides a solid and steady grip and lowers the risk of accidents.
  • Not only are our Gripper Clips useful, but they are also adaptable. They work well with plates of many sizes and shapes, including round, square, rectangular, and oval plates. Different dish thicknesses can be accommodated by the adjustable clamps, resulting in a consistently snug and secure fit. These clips are your go-to item for safe and hassle-free plate handling, whether you’re serving a sizzling steak, a steaming casserole, or a boiling hot pizza.
  • Our Gripper Clips are great for outdoor events, picnics, and barbecues in addition to their use in the kitchen. Your visitors will be impressed by your easy serving abilities as you confidently move hot meals from the grill to the picnic table or from the oven to the outdoor gathering.
  • The Gripper Clips may be cleaned quickly and easily. The non-stick silicone cushioning is simple to clean by wiping it down with a moist cloth or running water over it. These clips’ sturdy design guarantees that they will resist regular usage and continue to perform for many years.
  • Change the way you handle hot plates and dishes by making an investment in our Two Gripper Clips today. These clips are a need for every home cook, chef, or anyone who appreciates serving hot dishes with ease and assurance due to its secure hold, heat resistance, and versatility. Bid farewell to accidents and burns and welcome to a more pleasurable and stress-free dining experience.



Stainless Steel Anti-Scalding Hot Bowl Dish Plate Gripper Clips Tongs Clamp Holder for Moving Hot Plate or Bowls with Food Out from Instant Pot Microwave Oven (2Pack)

as of May 24, 2024 4:44 pm

🔵 Steel is stainless High-quality stainless steel is used in the construction of this item, giving it longevity and resistance to rust and corrosion.
🔵 The gripper clips are made with an anti-scalding design to shield users from burns and scalds when handling hot plates or bowls.
🔵 Heat Resistance: The ability to endure high temperatures, making it possible to safely handle hot dishes straight out of the oven, microwave, or Instant Pot.
🔵 Tong-Like Design: The gripper clips have a tong-like design that gives them a firm grip on hot plates or bowls to stop spills.

Hot Pot Gripper | Pan, Dish, Pot and Plate Clipper | Stainless Steel Retriever | Tong | Warm Pot Holder Clamp | Gripper Clip for Bowl Plate Microwave Kitchen Tool, Pack of 1 pcs, Multicolour

Rs. 999
Rs. 399
as of May 24, 2024 4:44 pm

🔵 Steel is stainless High-quality stainless steel was used for the construction, guaranteeing lifespan, corrosion resistance, and durability.
🔵 Options with multiple colors are available for visual appeal and simple set identification.
🔵 Useful for a variety of kitchen duties, including firmly grasping hot pots, pans, dishes, and plates.
🔵 Heat Resistance: Capable of withstanding high temperatures, allowing it to be used safely with hot cooking and serving utensils.

Bowl Clip Gripper Tong for Lifting Hot Dishes, Pot, Pan and Plate from Microwave Oven and Stove_(Pack of 1 pcs, Multicolour)

Rs. 999
Rs. 399
as of May 24, 2024 4:44 pm

🔵 Versatile Use: Designed to remove hot pots, pans, plates, and dishes from the burner, microwave, and oven, it has a variety of uses in the kitchen.
🔵 Strong Construction: Made of heat-resistant, long-lasting materials that make it safe to handle hot cookware and dishes.
🔵 Options with multiple colors are available for visual appeal and simple set identification.
🔵 One bowl clip gripper tong is included in the pack of one, making it perfect for usage alone or as a supplemental piece to other culinary utensils.

Set of Two Gripper Clips for Moving Hot Plate or Bowls with Food Out, from Pressured Cooker, Microwave, Oven, Air Fryer.

as of May 24, 2024 4:44 pm

🔵 Heat Resistance: Made of materials that can withstand high heat, enabling safe handling of hot plates or bowls from a variety of cooking appliances, including pressure cookers, microwaves, ovens, and air fryers.
🔵 Set of Two: The box contains two gripper clips, making it simple to handle several hot foods at once.
🔵 Versatile Use: Ensures versatility in the kitchen by being suitable for moving hot plates or bowls with food from various cooking appliances.
🔵 Gripper clips are simple to use and provide a firm grasp on hot items without the need for direct hand contact.

Two Gripper Clips | Moving Hot Plate
Two Gripper Clips | Moving Hot Plate
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