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Rice Paddle | Rice Spoon for Mixing and Serving Rice


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  • We’d like to introduce our Rice Paddle as the ideal tool for mixing and serving rice. This adaptable tool, which was made with accuracy and functionality in mind, is intended to improve your culinary abilities and take your rice dishes to new heights of excellence.
  • Our Rice Paddle is a thoughtfully crafted form that floats among fluffy rice grains without crushing or clumping, providing gentle mixing. Every bite will be exploding with flavor because to the large, flat surface of the paddle, which lets you apply seasonings, sauces, and other ingredients evenly.


  1. Material: If you’re using a non-stick inner pot, choose a rice paddle made of a material that won’t harm the exterior of your rice cooker or pot. For this reason, wooden, bamboo, or plastic rice paddles are frequently utilized.
  2. Rice paddles are available in a variety of sizes and forms. Choose one that fits the size of the rice cooker or pot you use the most regularly and feels comfortable in your hand.
  3. Rice should be served with a light scooping motion to prevent it from being excessively compressed. This aids in preserving the cooked rice’s airy, fluffy quality.
  4. Using the rice paddle in a folding motion can help you combine rice effectively. Utilize the paddle to enter the rice along the edge of the pot and gently lift and fold the rice over. Repeat this motion until the rice is evenly mixed.
  5. Avoid Overmixing: Overmixing might cause the rice to become clumpy and sticky. Only enough combine the rice to equally spread any additional ingredients or seasonings.
  6. Rice should be served in equal portions using a rice paddle. This guarantees that everyone receives an equal share and assists in presenting a tidy and well-prepared food.
  7. Cleaning: To get rid of any leftover rice or residue, immediately rinse the rice paddle with warm water after use. When cleaning the paddle, stay away from abrasive materials because they could scratch the surface.
  8. Versatility: A rice paddle can be used to serve stir-fries, noodles, and salads in addition to rice.


  • Our rice paddle is made to endure the demands of daily use because it is made of high-quality, food-grade materials. Because of its durable design and strong construction, you can confidently stir and serve rice without worrying about breakage or deformation. Our Rice Paddle is made to last, so say goodbye to flimsy cooking tools that fall short.
  • Our rice paddle is also ergonomically created for maximum comfort and usability. The handle is expertly shaped to match your hand, offering a secure grip that reduces strain during extended use. Our Rice Paddle guarantees a smooth and joyful cooking experience, whether you’re stirring a little pot of rice or preparing a big family meal.
  • There has never been an easier time to clean up after a good supper. Our rice paddle can be cleaned easily and quickly in the dishwasher, saving you precious time in the kitchen. Its seamless construction and smooth surface prevent food particles from getting stuck, resulting in easy cleaning and hygienic maintenance.
  • Our multipurpose Rice Paddle can be used to stir and serve different foods, such as risotto, couscous, or quinoa, in addition to rice. Its multipurpose utility elevates it to the status of a necessary kitchen equipment by streamlining the cooking process and enhancing your culinary skills.
  • Utilize our superb Rice Paddle to master the skill of making rice. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice home cook, this indispensable equipment will become your go-to choice for consistently making great rice. With the help of our superior Rice Paddle, elevate your culinary masterpieces and wow your family and guests with beautifully cooked and properly seasoned rice.
  • Invest in our Rice Paddle’s high quality and usefulness to elevate your rice recipes. Enjoy the simplicity of uncomplicated mixing and dishing while enjoying the delectable results that will make every meal special. With our Rice Paddle, you can upgrade your kitchenware and experience the full joy of making and serving rice.



Rice Paddle, Silicone Standing Rice Spatula with Non Stick Rice Spoon Paddle Heat Resistant Rice Cooker Spoon, Serving Spoon for Rice(Rich Green)

as of April 28, 2024 9:37 am

🔵 The rice paddle is composed of premium silicone, which guarantees its longevity and resilience to heat.
🔵 Rice is easy to serve and handle thanks to the non-stick surface's ability to keep rice from adhering to the paddle.
🔵 Design: The rice paddle has a standing construction that enables it to remain upright on the tabletop, maintaining clean and hygienic surfaces.
🔵 Heat Resistant: Because silicone is a heat-resistant material, hot rice or rice cookers can be used safely with the rice paddle.

Rice Paddle - White

Rs. 345
as of April 28, 2024 9:37 am

🔵 The rice paddle is often constructed from bamboo, food-grade plastic, or other secure materials appropriate for handling cooked rice.
🔵 The rice paddle is white, as stated in the description, giving it a tidy and traditional appearance.
🔵 Rice is easier to serve and manage when the surface is non-stick since it prevents rice from sticking to the paddle.
🔵 Lightweight: The rice paddle's small weight makes it simple to handle and eases hand fatigue from extended use.

Rice Paddle, White

as of April 28, 2024 9:37 am

🔵 Material: Food-grade, BPA-free, and tough materials like plastic, melamine, bamboo, or even white wood are probably used to make the rice paddle.
🔵 The rice paddle will be available in the common, neutral hue of white, which goes well with most kitchen decor.
🔵 Non-Stick Surface: Many rice paddles include a non-stick surface that makes it simpler to serve and mix rice by preventing rice from adhering to the spoon.
🔵 Comfortable Grip: The rice paddle's handle should be made to be comfortable to hold and enable for simple handling while scooping or combining rice.

Rice Paddle | Rice Spoon for Mixing and Serving Rice
Rice Paddle | Rice Spoon for Mixing and Serving Rice


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