Electric Juicer | Citrus Squeezer & Orange Juicer , Presser

Electric Juicer | Citrus Squeezer & Orange Juicer , Presser


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  • Here is the ideal kitchen tool that will up your juicing game to new heights: the Electric Juicer | Citrus Squeezer & Orange Juicer, Presser. With a focus on oranges, this extraordinary juicer is made to extract the freshest and tastiest juice from a variety of citrus fruits.
  • The sleek and contemporary design of this electric juicer, which was created with both functionality and style in mind, will improve the aesthetics of any kitchen. But this juicer’s performance will wow you; it offers more than just good looks.


  1. Select ripe and fresh fruits for juicing because they produce more juice and have superior flavors.
  2. Fruits should be cut into manageable bits for electric juicers. For example, oranges should be cut into quarters or half to fit readily down the feeding funnel.
  3. Before juicing, remove any seeds and thick peels from the fruits to reduce bitterness and prevent juicer blockage.
  4. Utilize little pressure: When using an orange juicer presser or a citrus squeezer, use light pressure to obtain the juice without pressing the bitter oils from the peel.
  5. Change the positions of the fruits in the juicer or presser while juicing a lot of fruit to ensure that the juice is extracted as much as possible.
  6. Regularly clean the juicer: To preserve hygiene and avoid clogging, clean the juicer parts after each use in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  7. Pour the newly squeezed juice through a fine-mesh strainer to get rid of any pulp or seeds if you prefer pulp-free juice.
  8. Allow the fruits to warm up to room temperature before juicing as cold fruits may produce less juice and require more time to extract.


  • The Electric Juicer | Citrus Squeezer & Orange Juicer, Presser, equipped with a strong motor, easily handles oranges of all sizes, ensuring a pleasant glass of freshly squeezed juice each and every time. Let this cutting-edge juicer do all the labor-intensive juicing for you and bid adieu to manual squeezing.
  • The incredible adaptability of this juicer is what makes it unique. It has a dual-functional design that lets you alternate between using it as a presser and a citrus squeezer. The squeezer alternative is ideal for extracting juice from pulp while keeping the flavors and nutrients in their natural state. In contrast, the presser option offers a pulp-free, smooth juice experience that appeals to all palates.
  • This juicer places a high priority on your health and safety. It has a dependable locking system that ensures stability while in use and guards against mishaps. The integrated cord storage keeps your tabletop tidy and organized, and the anti-drip spout ensures mess-free pouring.
  • Juicing cleanup has never been simpler. Cleanup is simple with the Electric Juicer | Citrus Squeezer & Orange Juicer, Presser’s removable, dishwasher-safe parts. In addition to ensuring endurance, the premium stainless steel structure also repels stains, ensuring that your juicer keeps its perfect appearance even after repeated usage.
  • The main focus of this appliance’s design is convenience. Because of its small size, it can be conveniently stored in any kitchen cabinet or drawer, freeing up important countertop space. The one-touch operation makes juicing simple, and the LED indication light, which adds a touch of contemporary refinement, lets you know when the juicer is in use.
  • The Electric Juicer | Citrus Squeezer & Orange Juicer, Presser is the ideal juicing partner, whether you’re a health-conscious person trying to include fresh orange juice in your daily routine or a culinary enthusiast ready to experiment with homemade drinks and recipes. Get ready for a juicing experience like no other, one that blends outstanding taste and nutrition with seamless functionality.
  • With the Electric Juicer | Citrus Squeezer & Orange Juicer, Presser, you can have freshly squeezed orange juice right in your own home. At the touch of a button, enhance your mornings, gatherings, and culinary pursuits with citrus juice’s natural goodness.



Electric Citrus Juicer Squeezer, for Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Stainless Steel 160 Watts of Power Soft Grip Handle and Cone Lid for Easy Use (ELCJ-1700S)

as of June 22, 2024 3:12 pm

🔵 Powerful Motor: The juicer has a 160-watt motor, which has enough strength to quickly extract juice from a variety of citrus fruits.
🔵 Construction with Stainless Steel: The appliance is strong and corrosion-resistant thanks to the use of tough stainless steel elements in its construction. This guarantees a longer lifespan and is simple to clean.
🔵 Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are just a few of the different-sized citrus fruits that the juicer is specifically made to handle. To accommodate varying fruit sizes, it could come with several juicing cone diameters.
🔵 Soft Grip Handle: The juicer has a soft-grip handle that provides a secure grasp while in use, easing hand strain and improving operator control.

4 Blades Juicer Rechargeable Portable Electric USB Juicer Bottle Blender for Making Juice,Travel Juicer for Fruits and Vegetables,Fruit Juicer for All Fruits,Juice Maker Machine (Multi colour)

Rs. 599
Rs. 589
as of June 22, 2024 3:12 pm

🔵 Four-blade system: The juicer has a four-blade system that makes it easier to combine and juice fruits and vegetables to make slurpable and wholesome drinks.
🔵 Rechargeable: The juicer's battery allows for on-the-go juicing of fruits and vegetables without the need for an electrical outlet. Most likely, a USB cable is included for simple charging.
🔵 Its lightweight, portable form makes it the perfect travel companion for anyone who wants to take freshly prepared juice with them everywhere they go.
🔵 The juicer can be charged using a variety of devices, including laptops, power banks, and wall adapters, thanks to its USB compatibility.

Electric USB Juicer Rechargeable Juicer 6 Bled Portable Bottle Blender for Making Juice, Travel Juicer for Fruits Fruit Juicer for All Fruits Juicer Machine, Juice Maker(MULTII COLOUR)

Rs. 2,199
Rs. 499
as of June 22, 2024 3:12 pm

🔵 Powerful six-blade system: The juicer has a six-blade system that ensures effective blending and juicing of fruits and vegetables to produce slender and nutrient-rich liquids.
🔵 Rechargeable: The juicer's rechargeable battery provides electricity, doing away with the need for power cords and making it simple to juice fruits and vegetables while on the road.
🔵 Utilizing a USB cord, the juicer may be charged from a variety of sources, including laptops, power banks, and wall adapters.

Juice Vortex Lemon & Orange Juicer - Electric Citrus Squeezer & Presser - Rechargeable Juicer Machine - Wireless Portable Juicer - USB Charger & Cleaning Brush Included (Blue/White)

as of June 22, 2024 3:12 pm

🔵 Electric Citrus Squeezer & Presser: The juicer is specifically made for pressing and squeezing citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, making it simple to extract the juice with ease.
🔵 Rechargeable Juicer Machine: It has a rechargeable battery built-in, so there's no need to buy new throwaway batteries all the time. The juicer is always ready for use thanks to this function, and it can be quickly recharged.
🔵 Juicer that is wirelessly portable can be operated without being connected to a power source, which increases its portability and convenience.
🔵 Included USB Charger: The juicer comes with a USB charging cord so customers may use power banks, laptops, or wall adapters to charge it.

Electric Juicer | Citrus Squeezer & Orange Juicer , Presser
Electric Juicer | Citrus Squeezer & Orange Juicer , Presser
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